Discover Scenterpiece.

After their huge success in the States Scenterpieces have made their way to the UK with high demand. Electric melt warmers have always been popular and this one is no exception, with a single cup giving you up to 24hrs worth of fragrance. What's not to love?!
The Scenterpieces come in 5 everyday designs and as well as a design for christmas, plus there are 4 new everyday designs to be released next year!! All ranging from different shapes and sizes, you'll be spoilt for choice.
So you've picked your warmer now it's time for the Meltcups. The current range includes 24 fragrances, from everyday classics like Fluffy Towels and Midsummer's Night to Christmas favourites Christmas Eve and Sparkling Cinnamon, there's something for everyone!! January brings in 14 new fragrances including Vanilla Lime, Summer Scoop and Sicilian Lemon.
How to use?? The warmers are really simple and easy to use, just plug them in and place your Meltcup into the warmer. And that's it!! Each cup can be reused for up to 24hrs of fragrance, the heat resistant plastic cups means you can change your fragrances quickly and easily, never having to touch the wax or wait for it to cool.
Simple, easy and stylish Scenterpiece is a must have. It takes only 20 minutes for the full cup to melt filling your home with beautiful fragrance, and with cup holding 61g you get a fragrant burst quickly. So pop in store and chat to one of advisors and you'll see why everyone loves them or buy online.


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