Gentleman's Fragrance : The Barber Shop

New this year the Barber shop range hosts 5 new fragrances each clean and classic but with a modern twist, with a sixth fragrance to be released in Spring 2016.
Aftershave: A mix of juniper and patchouli creating a masculine and woodsy fragrance.
Hot Towel: A refreshing combination of sea salt breeze and white woods.
Chrome: Notes of cardamom, incense and cedar wood create a bold and contemporary scent.
Barbershop: A blend of eucalyptus, lavender and ambers gives a modern twist on a classic.

Hair Tonic: A splash of citrus, coconut water and sandalwood create a fresh fragrance.
Come in store and try these 5 fragrances reminiscent of the barbershop or shop online, plus don't forget to come back and check out the new Spring release of Sandalwood. A mix of sandalwood juniper, with hint patchouli. This new range is refreshing and masculine, the perfect gift for the man in your life.


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