Rare Treasures Summer Editions

The first 4 months of the year saw 6 new limited editions fragrances. Now for the summer we have another 6. These new 6 have been the fasting selling new releases of the year by far. These fragrances are Pina Colada, Raspberry Sorbet, Sandalwood Vanilla, Fruit Salad, Windblown and Sea Harbour.
Pina Colada, Raspberry Sorbet and Sandalwood Vanilla. Were the first 3 to arrive out of the 6.

Pina Colada
This one is definitely our favourite. Every day is a Caribbean vacation with this smooth concoction of sunny, sweet pineapple and luscious coconut cream. It's amazing!!

Raspberry Sorbet
It smells exactly what you'd think it would. Sharp, sweet and refreshing raspberries. You'll get a delightful chill from the tongue tingling raspberry aroma of this creamy smooth dessert.

Sandalwood Vanilla
Pure indulgence … the luxurious warmth of fine aromatic sandalwood and rich, comforting vanilla.
The second 3 are the perfect summer selection.

Fruit Salad
It's a festive summer party with this bright, fun mix of juicy, sun-rich melons, berries and citrus. You can really smell all the fruit in this one!

Strange name yes, but it makes sense when you smell it. It is very fresh and reminds you of being outside in the sun with a cool breeze. Fish air and a touch of tangy citrus blend and a hint of lily.

Sea Harbour
A fresh ocean breeze meets the welcoming aroma of bright citrus, sweet jasmine and warm vanilla.

These fragrances are only available in large jars at £21.99 each. Once they're gone they're gone! Don't miss out. You can find more limited edition fragrances on our treasures page. You can also keep up to date with latest offers and competitions on our Facebook page.


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