NEW Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres

Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres

Fragrance Spheres are the perfect solution for small spaces to neutralise odours and refresh with your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance.

How they work?

Spheres are activated by removal of the protective seal under the lid. As the fragrance is diffused into the air, the beads shrink. When all the beads have dissipated, it's time to replace with another jar. Perfect for small spaces like laundry rooms, cupboards, bathrooms and lockers.

These fragrance spheres should last up to 45 days each depending on the heat of their environment. They are available in the following fragrances, Black Coconut, Clean Cotton, Lemon Lavender, Midsummers Night, Pink Sands, Red Raspberry and Turquoise Sky.
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