Yankee Candle Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Yankee Candle have released their 2 main Halloween fragrances once again Candy Corn and Witches Brew, in fantastic styled jars, probably the best style they've done in our opinion. They have also released a limited edition fragrance, Forbidden Apple. Lets meet the fragrances;

Candy Corn

Enjoy the sweet scent of Candy Corn with a hint of burnt toffee, enclosed in a black jar, decorated with a yellow, orange and white pattern inspired by this favourite Halloween sweet. Lifting the lid is reminiscent of dipping into the trick or treat bag of ghostly goodies and inhaling the sugary scent within evokes childhood memories. This candle is the perfect decorative item to display amongst the cobwebs and carved pumpkins.

Witches Brew

Cast a captivating spell as the sweetly warming aroma of exotic patchouli wafts through the air, like steam from a cauldron. Enclosed within a mysterious black jar and decorated with spidery artwork, this candle will perfectly compliment the cobwebs and carved pumpkins.

The perfect spooky scent to accompany the fun filled, sweetly treated seasonal period.

Limited Edition Forbidden Apple

This autumn scent is perfect for apple bobbing and Halloween fun, with a fresh scent of Granny Smith apples, evoking orchards, bonfires and spooky happenings. Inhale the fresh scent of green apples, as the green wax melts within a mysterious black jar, adorned with a spidery pattern of green apples.

Halloween 2016 Accessories

Yankee Candle have some fantastic accessories for their seasonal releases and they have not disappointed on this one. We see the return of the Black Cats accessories including the amazing melt warmer, Votive Holder and Jar Clinger along with the NEW Glowing Ghost Votive Holders. The Black Cats Jar Clinger doesn't necessarily need to be hung on a jar, it can be hung on votive holder, melt warmers, books and even on some Scenterpieces. Many talents from the Black Cat!
These jars and accessories are extremely limited, get in quick before they're all gone. They are available in store and online now! Click Hereto visit our online shop. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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