Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles are a fun and original collection of hand-poured candles. Quirky, contemporary designs, made here in good ol' Blighty, sometimes including their mascot, the dapper Florrie Flamingo!

These irresistibly sassy lifestyle candles are made with soybeans and natural cotton wicks (rapping the environment) and are all packed with unique, scrumptious fragrances.
Why we use soybean oil:

  • Natural renewable source
  • Fair trade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pesticide free
  • Cleaner burning
  • Longer burning
  • Cooler burning temperature
  • Non-toxic
Flamingo Candles are all hand-make in South Wales. Every aspect of the production process takes place there - from wax pouring to flamingo manufacture! This means when you purchase a Flamingo Candle you're lending your support to British manufacturing and, most importantly, can be 100% sure of the origin of your wonderful candle.

These candles provide the perfect gift solution. Everyone loves a candle, but one decorated with a flamingo surrounded by a captivating fragrance? Instant gift-buying kudos! Our lifestyle candles provide the most tantalising gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, housewarmings and weddings.

Made with lots of love and care, you're guaranteed the ultimate home fragrance experience with our range of covetable candles.

Scent Eggs From Flamingo Candles

Scent Eggs are small, oval-shaped eggs which are made from natural soy wax, etched with Florrie the flamingo and come in a variety of simple fragrances. They're designed to be mixed up, to create wild and wonderful scent combinations!

Place three or four Scent Eggs in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight and wait for the gorgeous (or not so gorgeous, depending on your mix of scents. Believe us you can have a lot of *fun* creating the perfect fragrance) aroma to fill the room. Scent Eggs make the perfect gift, packaged in a glass jar with our lovely flamingo lid.

Bespoke Mini Candles

Perfect for wedding favours, thank you gifts and party favours. These small quirky candles can be completely customised to exactly how you want them. There is a huge list of fragrances to choose from. If you would like a specific colour we can colour match from a fabric sample or picture. They can also come with a personalised heart tag in either coloured plastic or wood. For a list of fragrances or a quote, please send us a message on our contact page.

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