Scenterpiece Melt Warmer Elizabeth With Timer

Yankee Candle

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Introduce the comforting, original scents from Yankee Candle into your home environment in a stylish and modern way with this beautifully designed Easy MeltCup Warmer from the innovative Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup System collection.

Introducing the Elizabeth Melt Warmer from Yankee Candle, an easy yet effective way to fill any room with the comforting and relaxing fragrances we all love, through the heating and melting of a range desirable Yankee fragranced Melt Cups.

The design of the Melt Warmer introduces a curved, spherical exterior, with a block colour of white allowing it to create a modernist statement throughout any room and environment. The melt warmer itself is made from ceramic, and its unique shape offers a modern touch to décor. The bright colouring of the Melt Warmer offers a subtle yet inviting centre piece, fitting for any room.

This electric MeltCup Warmer works via a heating method, in which the warmer connects to a power source with a 6 foot power lead. An Easy MeltCup (not included) is placed into the recessed heating dish in the top of the warmer and heated, slowly melting the fragranced wax and filling the room with an evenly distributed and comforting aroma. The Melt Cups (sold separately) offer a clean and safe way of interchanging fragrances within the Melt Warmer.

This warmer includes a clever and safety conscious timer on the rear which features three time settings (3 Hours, 6 Hours, 9 Hours) allowing you to select the length of time you want your Scenterpiece Warmer to heat for. Simply power on the unit and select a time length, after which you can relax in knowing an automatic shut-off will kick in after the allotted time, keeping things safe and worry free.

This Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer would make the perfect addition to anyone's home, from a focal point in the living room, to a décor piece in the bedroom; this Melt Warmer will add style and sophistication wherever it sits.

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