Lampe Berger Frosted Nova Boxed Set

Lampe Berger

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Volume: 285 ml. Height: 15 cm. This winter, add a note of sweetness and a dash of magic to your interior with the Nova catalytic lamp. Presented in a very lovely gift box, this frosted glass catalytic diffuser comes with the Orange de Cannelle home fragrance. Product benefit: Used with this spicy home fragrance, the frosted Nova lamp will add warmth to your winter nights. Expert tip: Discover our wide selection of home fragrances and change your fragrance with the seasons for a new pleasure every time; Lamp sold with accessories: wick-burner, round mounting, snuffer and funnel.

Lampe Berger destroys odours, purifies the air and fragrances. Perfect for getting rid of cooking smells, pet smells or smoke smells.
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