Easter 3 Votive & Holder Gift Set

Yankee Candle


Celebrate Easter in style with guilt-free treats with two limited edition fragrances - NEW Sweet Candies and RETURNING favourite White Chocolate Bunnies. Featuring: 


NEW White Chocolate Bunnies


Irresistibly creamy and sweet—white chocolate hops around with vanilla in this happy confection.

NEW Sweet Candies

The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing.

Vanilla Cupcake

That perfect treat! A handful of jelly beans coated with sugar and ready to enjoy—cherry, lemon, green apple and more.


These versatile candle accessories provide an easy way to enhance the look of any room, from modern to traditional. Use in multiple arrangements for dramatic impact. They also make a thoughtful and affordable gift for any occasion.

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